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The Challenge
Deliver a dynamic learning activity based on the value of recognizing and understanding individual points of view and how they impact the effectiveness of teams and team leaders.

The Solution
Mosaic™, a recent product development utilizing Interel's exclusive ViewPoint® Technology provides trainers with a wealth of possibilities for stimulating insights and facilitating conversations about effective action in the business environment. Mosaic consists of a light box for displaying an encrypted image, two types of polarizing Eyewear and Mosaic Puzzle Kits for four teams of 10 participants.

Mosaic is effective for both small group and large conference learning activities. One or more teams use the Eyewear to decode an encrypted image displayed on the light box and then, utilizing the Puzzle Kits, work to create a mosaic that includes the image they decoded. The undisclosed use of two different types of eyewear for team members--creating differing points of view--provides a highly stimulating experience for accelerating a range of valuable learning outcomes.

Mosaic Specifications
Portable 13" x 11" x 2" Light Box with standard image and encryption filter. Batteries and AC adapter included. Tripod stand for Light Box. Two types of customized 3D style polarizing eyewear for four teams of ten participants. Puzzle kits for four teams include four white board work surfaces and colored squares for constructing a mosaic. User Manual and reusable handouts provided along with instruction and debriefing images for each team. Typical number of participants: 6 to 32. Typical activity area: sufficient room for a 3' x 3' table or work surface for each team and a 10' x 10' viewing area.

Shipping WT/Dim: 25 Lbs/ 24" x 14" x 10"
Carrying Case Included