User Manuals

Electric Maze (EM1)
Electric Maze (EM3)
Electric Maze Tournament (EMT)
Global Maze (GM1)
Mosaic (MO1)
Navigator (NA1)
NetWork (NW1/NW2i)
Pyramid (PD1)
Team Trek (TT1)

Application Notes and Articles List

Challenge Arena vs. Practice Field
A Practice Learning Field: The Electric Maze
Electric Maze EM3 Rental Manual by Cornerstone Consulting
Electric Maze Action Learning Lab by Interel
Electric Maze Coach's Guide by Action Learning Associates
Electric Maze Systems Thinking Workshop by Cornerstone Consulting
Electric Maze Action Learning Workshop by UC San Francisco
Advanced Activity Patterns for Electric Maze EM3
Cold Fire Walk Activity with Electric Maze EM3
Using Action Learning Devices with Prisons by Eagle Vision of America
Mosaic Conference Activity Design Overview by Pecos Consulting Group
NetWork Application Examples
NetWork Activity by Top Marks Consulting
NetWork Action Exercises by Prism Performance Systems
NetWork Action Learning Lab by Action Learning Associates
NetWork Action Learning Lab by Teamworks
NetWork Workshop by The Ken Blanchard Companies
Pyramid Action Learning Lab by IBM
Team Trek Activities by Prism Performance Systems
Team Trek Activities by The Ronin Group

The world's most popular experiential learning activities, Colourblind® and the Electric Maze® come together! Interel, Inc. and RSVP Design are joining forces! Read more...

Dave Carrol, Senior Consulting Partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies uses the NetWork for his Building High Performance Teams program. He uses the NetWork three different times during the two- to three-day programs.