INTEREL, INC. manufactures and sells a comprehensive selection of Action Learning Devices™, the best and the most highly effective, innovative learning tools for all types of organizations.

The versatile Action Learning Devices enhance employee and organizational development programs. Each device produces a variety of challenging, accelerated learning environments that reflect simple to complex group dynamics. Clients invite members of their workforce to participate in the interactive environments. Participation in the environments develops skills in leadership, coaching, and systems thinking.

In addition, the Action Learning Devices provide a stage for analytical viewing of individual, group, and organizational behaviors as well as an action-based arena for assessing the styles and capabilities of all participants.

With the newly acquired skills and knowledge in place, clients establish cooperative, high performance teams and organizations.

Interel Inc. began offering innovative technology combined with superior service in 1973 and continues their commitment to assist a diverse range of organizations, spanning the small, independent trainers to the large Fortune 500 corporations, in their quest for excellence in the workplace through well designed, activity based training.

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Intel Corporation used the Electric Maze in their worldwide management development program for first line managers. To date, more than 9000 employees in nine countries have participated in the Managing Through People program.